B3K Prosperity Process and Timeline


Goal: Lay groundwork for full project launch with a broad-based, shared understanding of principles, intended outcomes, and approach.

Activities Include:

  • Build diverse cross-sectoral leadership and community engagement structure
  • Educate region about evolving principles for Economic Development success
  • Assess existing Economic and Workforce Development strategies and civic structure


May ‘20

  • Approved workplan 
  • Committees formed
  • Existing Strategy Scan 
  • Preliminary Civic Landscape Map 


Goal: Develop a data-driven and community-informed Market Assessment – made up of the components listed in the activities below – that enables a cohesive agreed upon narrative about the regional economy, diagnoses challenges and opportunities for growth, and establishes findings to drive economic development.

Activities Include:

  • Conduct Civic Landscape Assessment of regional organizations and capacity 
  • Develop understanding of programs and initiatives underway or proposed in the region 
  • Conduct interviews, focus groups, and other outreach to ground truth data interpretations
  • Compile quantitative data profile including regional economic performance, job quality, the drivers of competitiveness, and more
  • Field Countywide Public Opinion Survey

July ‘20

  • Civic Landscape Assessment 
  • Quantitative Data Profile 
  • Survey Results
  • Programmatic Inventory 

October ‘20

  • Market Assessment Deck and Key Findings 
  • Presentation of Findings to Steering Committee 

Strategy & Governance

Goal: Develop a strategy with specific tactics, operational plans, and performance metrics and establish an ongoing governance structure that positions B3K partners to invest in and execute transformative initiatives.

Activities Include:

  • Establish subject matter work groups for strategy formation
  • Share models and receive input from peer practitioners across the country
  • Build consensus-based strategic roadmap and investment plan
  • Develop an ongoing governance plan and accountability

Nov ‘20 – Feb ‘21

  • Work Groups operate
  • Peer Practitioner input

March ‘21

  • Work Group proposed strategies and tactics
  • Draft Strategic Roadmap April ‘21
  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Governance and Operating Structure
  • Investment Prospectus


Goal: Advance strategy execution, refinement, and distributed implementation among regional partners, while identifying resourcing to execute on proposed strategies and initiatives.   

Activities Inlcude:

  • Continue refining indicators and metrics at the tactical levels 
  • Capacity-building to foster distributed implementation
  • Identify investment opportunities


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