B3K Prosperity Inventory: Request for Submissions of Promising Programs and Interventions

B3K is a collaboration among business, government, and civic leaders to jointly create and deliver a shared economic growth and opportunity strategy and investment plan for the Bakersfield-Kern region. B3K aligns diverse efforts to maximize impact in advancing a common agenda for regional prosperity, with quality job creation that is both enduring and accessible to all residents. This process involves broad, ongoing community engagement, guided by a Steering Committee of 150+ stakeholders.

To build on work already underway in the region, B3K seeks to catalog relevant activities from throughout Bakersfield-Kern with a record of success and potential to scale or replicate, plus other planned or proposed interventions that are not yet active. B3K will review these responses to understand current conditions and reference them for consideration during development of strategies and tactics.

Submissions can address any aspect of advancing greater economic opportunity and mobility — economic development, talent, innovation, infrastructure, and governance — such as programs that:

  • improve the competitiveness of specific industry sectors or types of firms (e.g. small and mid-size) to diversify the economy and generate higher-quality jobs, like cluster initiatives or applied research and commercialization;
  • boost entrepreneurship and access to capital, including for women and non-white populations;
  • promote worker preparedness, retention, and access to both meet the talent needs of business and link residents to higher-paying jobs, enhance job quality, and/or address specific challenges (e.g. disconnected youth), through activities like work-based learning, industry-workforce partnerships, incumbent worker training, business hiring support, mentoring/outreach, etc.;
  • tailor place-based solutions connecting neighborhoods and residents into regional economic and employment opportunities.
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