CERF Stakeholder Survey

Since its inception, B3K Prosperity has been a platform for organizing stakeholders that are representative of Kern County’s communities, existing and emerging industries, local governments, and education and workforce development systems. Through the CERF application process, B3K is committed to continuing to build upon this collaborative, bringing a diverse group of stakeholders to the table as we prepare our planning grant application.

The CERF Grant includes two phases: 1) a planning phase where regions will receive $5M to organize inclusive tables and draft blueprints for 2) an implementation phase, when regions will apply for funds on a rolling basis to support projects that advance competitive, sustainable industries, quality job creation, and bolster equity, climate, and health outcomes for all Californians. 

We hope you will participate in the application development process over the next 6 weeks as we work towards the July 25 submission date for the planning phase application. Through this survey, we hope to better understand how you would like to be involved and what your areas of interest are.

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