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CSUB receives $1 million pledge to establish corporate social responsibility fellowship

For all the good expected to come of recent investments in fostering local entrepreneurship, none of them explicitly promotes business as a tool of social benevolence — until now.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: CSUB receives pledges of $1 million-plus to establish business accelerator

In the latest investment aimed at supporting local entrepreneurship, Cal State Bakersfield disclosed Thursday it has received a series of private pledges totaling more than $1 million for the launch of a new center to help prospective business owners create their own startups.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Kern may apply for federal expertise on setting up a local carbon storage project

Kern County officials are putting together a competitive application for federal technical assistance with a proposed industrial park that would pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and send it by pipeline to somewhere it can be buried permanently.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Educational course on carbon management is coming to Kern

Kern County educators will undergo training this weekend on how to teach their students about the potential for fighting climate change through a locally promising process called carbon capture and sequestration, or CCS.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Bakersfield selected to host 2022 California Economic Summit

Next year’s two-day California Economic Summit — a statewide event bringing together state policymakers, civic leaders, business people and residents often left out of such discussions — will take place in Bakersfield.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Newsom references B3K in context of California’s push for economic solutions

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday gave the clearest indication yet that he sees public and private investment in Kern’s B3K Prosperity economic collaboration as the most appropriate way to help transition the county away from its economic dependence on oil and gas production.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Valley Strong’s second $1 million-plus B3K investment goes to Kern Venture Group

Three organizations important to Kern’s economic future have converged with an announcement Thursday that the county’s first angel investor group has received a $1.5 million commitment from Valley Strong Credit Union to push forward with some of the top priorities identified by the B3K Prosperity collaboration.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Oil and gas companies angle for role in state’s push for carbon neutrality

Macpherson Oil Co.’s tweet Tuesday was enough to pause even the most cursory scroll. Beneath a photo of solar panels powering the company’s offices off Round Mountain Road read a curious sentence: Santa Monica-based Macpherson is on a quest to become carbon-neutral.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Kern vies against other regions for aerospace cluster money

In another outgrowth of the B3K Prosperity economic development collaboration, Kern County filed an extensive application this week for federal money that could help fund a formal aerospace industry cluster bringing together public and private stakeholders in eastern Kern and northern Los Angeles County.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: This is the moment to write the next chapter of CSUB’s story

Fifty-one years ago this month, Cal State Bakersfield welcomed our first 962 students with a heartfelt promise: New beginnings are possible here.

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