About B3K Prosperity

Our Mission

To bring our region together to imagine, engineer, and build the next era of success, where all people prosper and businesses thrive.

Our Vision

To be the best place in California for everyone to achieve the American dream.

Despite years of unprecedented job and population growth, the Bakersfield Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which we call the Bakersfield-Kern County region, is beginning to fall behind peer regions and the nation in core aspects of economic performance. These challenges started small, but are now growing larger in key industries such as agriculture and petroleum production. This is impacting more people in our region than ever before.

B3K Prosperity is committed to standing against the unique challenges our region is facing. B3K stands for “A Better Bakersfield and Boundless Kern”, and was formed in early 2020 as a collaboration among business, government, and civic stakeholders. In 2020, B3K commissioned a quantitative market assessment of the Bakersfield-Kern County Region that revealed the major challenges our region is facing. More than half of families struggle to make ends meet, and more than a third of all local residents are part of struggling working families.

We want to beat the challenges our region is facing for everybody in Kern County. By planning and delivering a strategic economic development plan, we believe we will be able to create 100,000 quality jobs in our region and develop pathways for access that help local families improve their economic standing and quality of life.

Share your feedback on the future of energy in California.

Join B3K Prosperity and CA FWD for a Regional Energy Listening Session and provide feedback on CA FWD’s Energy Call to Action.
Thurs., Aug. 10 | 5 to 7 P.M.