What is a Quality Job?

More than half of Kern County residents struggle to make ends meet. That includes more than a third of working families in Kern County. B3K is committed to improving our local job mix by creating more Quality Jobs. By focusing our efforts on attracting and growing industries with higher quality jobs, we can help residents overcome economic instability.

Good Jobs and Promising Jobs

We break down Quality Jobs into two categories: Good Jobs and Promising Jobs. Here are the criteria for what makes a job a Good or Promising Job:

Good JobsPromising Jobs
  1. Pays an annual wage that allows workers to meet their family’s essential needs, save and be ineligible for California benefits transfer programs
  2. Provides employer-sponsored health insurance
  3. Allows for stability in holding a good job as well as future career opportunities
  1. Entry and Mid-Level positions with stability in employment
  2. Provides workers with career pathways that allow them to reach a Good Job within 10 years

Fewer than 1 in 3 Workers have a Quality Job

Our research discovered that fewer than 1 in 3 local workers have a Good or Promising Job. That means 7 in 10 workers have a job that does not provide for self-sufficiency.

In order to reduce the number of children in struggling working families by 50 percent, we need an additional 99,500 Quality Jobs and to develop pathways to access them. Generating these jobs will require growing or upgrading 30 percent of our current jobs base.

Our Target Wage: $21.80 per hour

B3K has set a target wage of $21.80 per hour, or $45,344 per year, in order for a job to be considered a “Good Job.” This wage will allow families to achieve self-sufficiency and improve their economic status. 

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