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Within our region, different communities face clear disparities in opportunity and prosperity. Traditionally, economic development has concentrated on a region’s macroeconomic factors, with less intentionality around the economic realities faced by subpopulations. B3K is driven by a pursuit of inclusive growth, where every resident of our region has the opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency and thrive.

Through our intentional focus on Deep Prosperity, B3K is committed to seeing that members of disadvantaged communities have access to opportunity and participate in the growth of our region. Our Deep Prosperity Council, composed of individuals representing disadvantaged communities, guides this work and helps ensure that all of our efforts are inclusive and create opportunity for members of historically disadvantaged and marginalized communities.

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Join B3K Prosperity and CA FWD for a Regional Energy Listening Session and provide feedback on CA FWD’s Energy Call to Action.
Thurs., Aug. 10 | 5 to 7 P.M.