A common agenda for enduring regional prosperity

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B3K Prosperity is a public-private collaborative effort to develop a roadmap and investment plan for economic growth and inclusion in Kern County.

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B3K Prosperity’s success is directly tied to broad community engagement and support, and we welcome insights and perspectives about our region’s future. Opportunities may include participating on a B3K committee, joining a subject matter Working Group or simply offering input through a B3K survey or outreach activity.



B3K Prosperity is an effort designed to engage partners that are representative of the Kern County’s communities, existing and emerging industries, local governments, and education and workforce development systems. From the Core Team to the Steering Committee and beyond, B3K Prosperity is a collaborative effort that encourages public and private leaders, along with diverse community stakeholders, to consider regional prosperity.



B3K Prosperity will produce an evidence-based market assessment, an action-oriented roadmap with goals and tactics, and an operational and investment plan. Along the way, preliminary analyses and findings will be available for review.

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