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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Entrepreneurs along Kern’s periphery getting business accelerators

Kern’s first business accelerator outside metropolitan Bakersfield is scheduled to open next spring in Kernville as the latest outgrowth of the B3K economic prosperity collaboration and one of five of its backers wants to launch along the county’s periphery within about three years.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Council gets peek at ‘game-changer’ projects in Bakersfield’s new economic strategy

A series of initiatives seen as potentially promoting local economic growth came to light Wednesday as part of an economic development strategy approved by a 4-0 vote of the Bakersfield City Council.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Kern’s first business accelerator set to launch at Bitwise

Kern’s B3K economic development initiative has scored its biggest achievement to date with an announcement Wednesday that Bitwise Industries will soon launch the county’s first business accelerator with the financial support of local government.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Infrastructure bill could fund carbon hub in Kern

Kern County could become one of four federally funded technological hubs for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and burying it permanently underground if the House approves President Joe Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Returns on CSUB endowment surpass 30 percent

It was a prosperous year for Cal State Bakersfield’s endowment as the fund’s financial returns closed the fiscal year at a strong 30.41 percent. Compare that with last year: CSUB’s endowment returns came in at 1.51 percent. Endowments at other colleges and universities were down during the peak of the pandemic last year, too, clocking…


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Momentum grows for creating locally based lender to small businesses

Efforts are advancing in Kern to establish a locally based financial institution that would help an underserved part of the county’s economy by making modest-size loans available to young and very small businesses that often struggle to get the financing they need.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: B3K shares strategies for promoting local industry clusters

Collaborators in Kern County’s B3K economic development initiative came together Tuesday afternoon to share ideas about what strategies they should pursue as a way of improving local job-creation efforts.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Kern’s B3K economic collaboration gets a nod – and maybe more – from Newsom’s budget revision

Kern got a special mention in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s May budget update last week, and if things go well, it might get substantially more than that.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Community Voices: Working together is working smarter

Generations ago, during one of the most epic migrations of people ever recorded, thousands of families moved west across our nation to the beating heart of California for the promise expressed in one beautiful word: Work. Work that would allow them to feed their children. Work that would improve their prospects. Work that would give…


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Community Voices: We need climate change solutions for all Californians

When it comes to fighting climate change, California has taken a leadership role — spearheading one of the most ambitious climate change agendas in the world. We all want cleaner air and support the state’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2045; the challenge is how to achieve our goal in a way that leaves no…

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