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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: B3K looks to tap Kern’s entrepreneurial potential

New research shows the entrepreneurial fire burns particularly bright in Kern County but it flames out exceptionally fast — and that with more support, it might grow to fuel more local jobs.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Valley Strong pledges $1 million endowment to CSUB in support of B3K

Valley Strong Credit Union has committed to giving Cal State Bakersfield a $1 million endowment that will pay for a research fellowship supporting the B3K regional economic development collaboration.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Kern economic group weighs action on racial, gender divides

New research pointing to stark racial and gender inequities in personal financial opportunity in Kern County is prompting new thinking about how to help disadvantaged populations, including tailoring interventions to bring up specific groups.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: B3K spotlights Kern’s economic challenges, potential opportunities ahead

Leaders of the “B3K” regional economic development project on Tuesday unveiled an extensive local-market assessment that points out steep challenges — and potential opportunities — for Kern’s long-term prosperity and quality job creation.


B3K Prosperity Market Assessment Launch (Media Advisory)

B3K Prosperity Market Assessment Launch A Better Bakersfield and Boundless Kern: Regional Action for Economic Prosperity (B3K) officially launches Market Assessment Research Findings.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: B3K economic collaboration takes time for inclusion

Nearly 200 pages into their first written work, the diverse groups coming together from across Kern to reimagine the local economy have learned many things, not least of which is that giving everyone their say takes time.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Community Voices: We’re clear-eyed about our challenges, but bullish on Bakersfield

Nearly a month and a half after the 2020 General Election, it feels like years have come and gone since we last saw a campaign ad. As we look toward the beginning of a new year, much will be thought, said and written about the national election results.


B3K Prosperity Newsletter (Nov. 2020)

A Better Bakersfield & Boundless Kern , otherwise known as B3K Prosperity, is a public-private collaboration to develop a roadmap and investment plan for economic growth and inclusion in Kern County.Building on a rich history of economic development efforts, B3K Prosperity connects and coordinates existing activity for shared problem-solving and a vision for the future.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: B3K aims for shared prosperity through broad-based collaboration

Picture different players in the local economy — businesses, labor unions, lenders, community advocates, entrepreneurs — pursuing a common vision for creating jobs that offer decent wages and opportunities for advancement.


B3K Prosperity Inventory: Request for Submissions of Promising Programs and Interventions

B3K is a collaboration among business, government, and civic leaders to jointly create and deliver a shared economic growth and opportunity strategy and investment plan for the Bakersfield-Kern region. B3K aligns diverse efforts to maximize impact in advancing a common agenda for regional prosperity, with quality job creation that is both enduring and accessible to…

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