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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Community Voices: Local government is the leading edge of economic development

If there’s one thing recent headlines have reinforced, it is that the Bakersfield-Kern region must move quickly and decisively to diversify and grow our economy. Our people, our prosperity and, as local government, our ability to provide vital services for our residents depend on this.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Community Voices: Economic diversification and entrepreneurship

The future economic prosperity of the Bakersfield-Kern region hinges on a strong change in our economic diversification and our openness and adaptability to this change. This change doesn’t need to be uncomfortable, and if everyone with a vested interest in our region’s success comes together, the results will be additive to our existing foundation.


B3K Prosperity Newsletter (Sept. 2020)

A Better Bakersfield & Boundless Kern , otherwise known as B3K Prosperity, is a public-private collaboration to develop a roadmap and investment plan for economic growth and inclusion in Kern County.Building on a rich history of economic development efforts, B3K Prosperity connects and coordinates existing activity for shared problem-solving and a vision for the future.


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: B3K aims for shared prosperity through broad-based collaboration

Picture different players in the local economy — businesses, labor unions, lenders, community advocates, entrepreneurs — pursuing a common vision for creating jobs that offer decent wages and opportunities for advancement. There would be new collaborations and focused investment in the most promising fields as groups that rarely cooperated in the past suddenly join forces on…


THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN: Community Voices: Join us as we look toward the future

What is the future of the Bakersfield-Kern region? That is the question that keeps us up at night. Not because we fear it, but because, despite the very best efforts of well-intentioned organizations and hardworking individuals, every day we see the consequences of decisions, actions and policies that shape that future. This area is special,…

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